•Allan Mathisen•
Alaska Day

XTRATUF | Oct 18, 21

Skiing down the moutain

Alaska Day
By Allan Mathisen

Alaska is an almost indescribable place. On Alaska Day, we want to celebrate this amazing state and part of our heritage through the lens of our Pro Team Member, Allan Mathisen (IG: @allan_mathisen) who shared what Alaska means to him, and photos he's captured.

Prepping to sail

"Alaska will always be the last frontier to me. Up here we are living and playing on the edge of civilization. We are out here on the edges of the settled world. Once we untie from our harbor, the safety net of civilization shrinks down to a thin thread.

S/V Aurora at Sea

Alaska is like having a boundless national park all to yourself. You can explore as deep into the landscape as you are comfortable with, and are continually rewarded with sights very few people will ever see. You’ll summit a peak only to see an endless chain of snow-covered peaks all the way to the horizon and not another person in sight. Alaska will throw off your sense of scale.

Below deck in the bunk room

You will find yourself slack-jawed at the base of a 200-foot wall of calving ice, or trying to grasp that the waterfall at your feet cascades down thousands of feet of rock.”

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