Our Bold Community of Do-ers

XTRATUF® is built for the most epic conditions across the globe. Meet our PRO TEAM who put our gear to the test every day to ensure we live up to that promise. These passionate water lovers provide valuable product testing and insight to our team. We are honored to be able to work with such amazing DO-ERs and to be able to tell their incredible stories.

Andrew Cotton

Big Wave Surfer

Corey Forrest

Commercial Fisherman

Emmanuel Williams


McKenna Peterson

Commercial Fisherman / Professional Skier

Teddy Cosco

Outdoor Enthusiast

Trevor Kennison

Professional Sit Skier

Andrew 'Cotty' Cotton

Instagram Icon @andrew_cotty

Andrew Cotton is a professional big wave surfer, top level athlete, adventurer and guest speaker. He is now one of the world's most respected big wave surfers basing himself in Nazare, Portugal and West Ireland for much of the big wave season. He also travels the globe surfing some of the biggest and heaviest waves on the planet such as Peahi in Hawaii, Mavericks in California and The Right in West Australia.

Corey Wheeler Forrest

Instagram Icon @fishandforrest

3rd generation commercial fisherman & fish dealer
F/V Maria Mendonsa
Sakonnet Point, Rhode Island
photo by Josh Wool @joshwool

Emmanuel Williams

Instagram Icon @emmanuelw_

Emmanuel specializes in offshore fishing from a PWC! He targets species such as wahoo, tuna, mahi, and sailfish. Even bottom-dwelling species like yellow edge groupers and golden tilefish. Emmanuel's fishing style is unconventional, like deep dropping with an electric reel in 1000+ feet of water or planer fishing all on a pwc, but that's what makes it so special.

McKenna Peterson

Instagram Icon @mck_p

From the ocean to the mountains; McKenna Peterson is a professional big mountain skier and a commercial fisherman. She captains the FV Atlantis, a commercial salmon fishing vessel in Southeast Alaska. In the winter, McKenna chases powder and first descents around the world. She is most at home wherever there is an adventure on the horizon.

Teddy Cosco

Instagram Icon @castandiron

Teddy Cosco is a passionate outdoorsman, enthusiastic camp cook, and sometimes-lucky fly fisherman. Exploring the tundra via floatplane, fishing off the Alaskan coast, and camping throughout Western Canada, the Yukon-born now-British Columbian grew up with the outdoors in his blood.

A Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society) trained in epidemiology (PhD, University of Cambridge) and demography (Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Oxford), Teddy is the director of the Precision Mental Health Lab where he and his team research mental health and wellbeing.

Trevor Kennison

Instagram Icon @trevor_kennison

Hi my name is Trevor Kennison. I was born and raised in Keene, NH. I currently live in Winter Park, CO which I have called home for 10 years! I had an accident in 2014 snowboarding. I suffered a spinal cord injury and have been wheelchair bound ever since. I am now a professional sit skier. Since having my spinal cord injury, it is very tough to find a boot that I can actually fit my foot into and it's warm and protects my feet so thank you XTRATUF for saving my feet!