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XTRATUF | AUG 28, 19

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Over 50 years ago, a boot arrived in Alaska, as rugged and real as the people who live and work there. Like Alaska's people, those boots did their job no matter what the conditions.

Dubbed the "Alaskan Sneaker" it has been performance-tested and proven across the toughest stretches of water, from Misty Fjords to Kodiak, from the Bering Sea to Harrison Bay.

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There is no tougher proving ground in the world. Living and working on the oceans of Alaska humbles us; it's an epically beautiful but genuinely unforgiving place. Battling 18-foot frozen seas on an oil-slick deck builds a healthy respect for the place, and for our place in it. We don't make frivolous decisions in Alaska., and we understand, more than anything, that function and reliability mean everything. We rely on our crew, our selves, and our gear.


XTRATUF is built for the most epic conditiions across the globe. It's built for passionate water lovers everywhere who want the best footwear to keep them dry, comfortable and sure footed, no matter what they face.

depending on your crew

XTRATUF enables and empowers us ALL to keep doing, to keep working, to keep going. Onward.

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