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•Allan Mathisen•
Southeast Dungeness Crab

XTRATUF | JUL 13, 20

The Southeast Alaska Dungeness Crab fishery kicked off on the 15th.
Last year was marked by a record price and harvest level, but this year with the market uncertainty, the price is about half of what it was last year.

Every morning for the first few weeks we wake up at 4:30 AM or a little earlier and run through the the gear.
For us, that means going through 300 pots. I opted for an electric hauler, its not as fast as some of the other boats, but it's a lot quieter.

The downside though is it isn't as fast so it can take us most of the day to get through our string.

This is my first year doing Dungeness so its been a fun learning experience.
I'm more used to running pots that are hundreds of pounds and tossing them anywhere from 300-1,000 feet underwater, so the 60lb pots and fishing as shallow as two feet or less, has been a fun novelty.

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