Yukon Sleigh Ride


IG: @castandiron

Every holiday season our family heads up to the Yukon to my brother's ranch. One of our favorite traditions is getting the kids bundled up, filling our flasks, and getting towed around the Ibex Valley behind my brother’s horses Johnny and June in a traditional horse-drawn sleigh. I was born in Whitehorse, but live in Vancouver now, so visiting my parents and brothers in the Yukon is a family activity that my family thoroughly enjoys. The past winter was one of the coldest on record, with the mercury plummeting to -48C at the ranch. For the Americans out there, -42 is where Celsius and Fahrenheit are equal; so it's colder than that! Thankfully, it was a balmy -30C when we went for this year’s annual sleigh ride. At just 5 months old, my daughter got her first taste of the crisp northern air bundled up in a sleeping bag that my parents had made for me when I was her age. At this temperature only the best kit will do the job: the Legacy 8” Insulated Legacy boot is my go-to.