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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

XTRATUF | Jan 17, 22

On Martin Luther King Day, we are reminded of the importance of community. Dr. King is a transcending spirit whose lifelong mission for civil rights still inspires us to learn and actively participate in the positive change our world needs.

MLK Image

Many sad truths about our culture aren’t new and racial inequality is far from uncommon. As a brand, our voice can be louder than most. We have a global audience and with that audience comes the responsibility to not just speak, but do. In June of 2020 we posted the below commitment on our blog and in honor of MLK we are revisiting these statements to ensure we continue to deliver on them every day.

We remain committed to the following:

1. The causes we support: We are so incredibly proud of our brand ambassadors and pro team. They are comprised of athletes, fishermen, hunters, farmers, workers, gardeners and others who are all incredibly skilled and intelligent. Many of our ambassadors and pro team members are passionate about introducing others to their worlds, teaching them about fishing, farming, food, nutrition and healthy living. They teach, they raise funds for not for profits, they speak and they serve as role models. As a brand we will be taking a more active role in supporting the social initiatives led by our ambassadors and pro team members by providing them with a platform to further broadcast their work, additional funding and resources to ensure they can continue, if not step up their efforts to help educate and inspire. We will also continue to take action to ensure the racial composition of our pro team is more balanced.

2. Our brand imagery: For the past four years we haven’t used models in our brand photoshoots, we photograph real users of the gear we sell. That said, we will continue to take steps to ensure we are featuring all users of our gear in our imagery as we know those of all races wear/use our products.

3. Our team/employees: one practice we have had for several years now and continue to require every time we post for a new position, is we consider and interview a diverse pool of candidates to ensure we are honoring our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our workforce.

We remain committed that XTRATUF® will help lead by example in this journey of positive social change.