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“You’re going to like me for me. I hope to see the fishing industry become more colorful.”

Cutting his teeth on the frigid waters of Alaska to now working as a professional guide in the Florida gulf, meet Pro Team Member Captain Lionel James whose mental and physical strength personify what it means to be XTRATUF.

Lionel, in a bright pink shirt sitting on the bed of a pickup truck

Growing up on two wildly different oceans, Lionel James knew from an early age that passion, drive, and perseverance are critical to achieving each of his life pursuits.

Lionel as a young boy pictured with his father, who is holding up a large fish. Lionel as a young boy fishing with his father. Lionel and his father in a recent photograph.

Fishing was something that Lionel and his father shared through good times. It provided them both an escape from reality and gave them a place to be at peace.

Lionel knee deep in water, casting a fishing line Lionel casting a line from the edge of a small boat. Profile of Lionel gazing out onto the water Lionel wearing a set of black boxing gloves and smiling widely.

Lionel ultimately found his way back to Florida where he now leads a charter fishing business and commits time to mentoring the next generation of fisherman.

Growing up as a kid in Alaska was not easy, nor was becoming a MMA fighter... Lionel isn’t afraid to take on any challenge, no matter how tough it may be. It’s coming out on top and proving to himself that he has what it takes to succeed that’s given him the confidence to start something of his own.

Lionel teaching youth how to fish Lionel on boat with student Lionel's student, flexing biceps in the water Lionel and student jumping from the boat into the water

For Lionel, he's committed to introducing the sport of fishing to children, making it more accessible, and something they can enjoy. Life lessons go far beyond fishing when spending time on the water with him.

Lionel relaxing on a boat.

“Just watch what I’m going to do.” - Lionel James

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