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Honeywell PPE
Honeywell PPE


When selecting PPE or Personal Protective Equipment, you need to choose face masks, gloves and replacement face mask filters that will help keep you protected on the job and safe from serious illness at your workplace.

Whether you interact with people on a daily basis or just venture out for grocery shopping and essential needs, you can count on the Honeywell Dual Layer Face Cover to help keep you safe. As not all face masks offer the same level of protection and filtration, this comfortable and reusable adult face mask was designed to provide more protection compared to the common cloth face mask. To use effectively, insert a Honeywell replaceable filter before each use and then discard the single-use filter and wash the face mask at the end of the day.

The essential item that you need to keep in stock at home, at work or have your kids keep in their desk at school is the Honeywell Safety Pack. Including the items you and your family need to stay safe and healthy in an unpredictable world, the Safety Pack features a 3-ply single use face mask that can be worn in emergency situations when your Honeywell Dual-Layer Face Cover is unavailable. The non-latex gloves are great for grocery shopping, pumping gas and any other time you have to touch objects in a public setting, while the sanitizing wipes can be used to wipe down dirty surfaces to decrease your risk if you accidently touch your face after handling an unsanitary object such as a shopping cart or gas pump.