XTRATUF | June 23rd, 2023

IG: @tommysnyder_

Meet Tommy Snyder - fisherman, surfer, snowboarder - who lives to take on the challenges of all weather and environments.

Tommy on surfboard in ocean

At a young age, Tommy was introduced to unique environments and jobs that have stuck with him, drawing him back ever since. At age 22, while living in Montana, he was offered a job working on a fishing boat in Alaska. Following his curiosity and sense of adventure, he instantly accepted the offer. When he got to Alaska he had to hitchhike to his destination (which was hundreds of miles away), and through this experience, met people who had and continue to have a role in his life. Not only did he learn a new trade by working on the boat and fishing, but to follow his work hard, play hard mentality that fuels his passions.

Tommy working on a boat

From studying the ocean weather, tides and currents to seeking the next swell or mountain, Tommy has been following his passions and finding new adventures all around the world.

Tommy Fishing on a boat Tommy having a converstation outside of camper.

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