Chad and Craig Lowenberg

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“The unpredictability of the sea is an intoxicating appeal. You never know what you’re going to get.”

The Arctic Lady and crew, on a violent bed of waves with seagulls overhead

As brothers and lifelong fishermen on the Bering Sea, Chad and Craig Lowenberg of the F/V Arctic Lady know firsthand about the unimaginable danger of fishing on one of the roughest seas in the world. Total trust, inherent drive and a whole lot of guts is required.

For more than 40 seasons, the Arctic Lady and her crew have fished for crab and cod. Craig and Chad’s father first left port 60 years ago, and the family has never looked back since.

An early view inside the Arctic Lady Young kids digging in the sand (vintage photo) Kid riding a bike in front of the Arctic Lady before it was completed

The dynamic of these two brothers is symbiotic - Chad serves as Captain, running the boat and all things on the water while Craig, a passionate fisheries advocate, runs the office, all operations and business of the boat from land. Each season, they fuel their passion and provide for their family and their crew. Missed family celebrations, birthdays and long days on the water are only a few of the sacrifices made.

It all begins with an immense respect for the sea and the fisheries they work. They both understand the inherent danger and gravity of fishing in Alaska - anything can go wrong at any time. Responsibility for the crew is something they take seriously.

Arctic Lady and crew out at work The crew and their harvest

Their father’s legacy lives on in their work today. As Craig expresses, “You can’t just take- you’ve got to give back and be willing to reinvest into the research and science. Sustainability isn’t just making sure we have a season next year. It’s making sure we have a season for our grandkids.”

View of the violent waves

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Photography: Corey Arnold/Lowenberg family photos

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