Surfing 100FT Waves With Xtratuf Pro Team – Andrew ‘Cotty” Cotton

XTRATUF | July 12, 2023

IG: @andrew_cotty

Earlier this year the XTRATUF Pro Team expanded, with the addition of professional big wave surfer and star of HBO’s documentary series ‘100 Foot Wave’ Andrew ‘Cotty’ Cotton.

The XTRATUF team headed down to Cotty’s hometown of Croyde, North Devon – to chat about travelling the world whilst surfing some of the biggest and heaviest waves on the planet.

Andrew geared up and ready to take on the ocean

A 4am alarm can only mean one thing – a dawn patrol meeting with Cotty at the Baggy Point car park in Devon. Catching a moment with a man who spends his life travelling to far flung locations, filming for HBO and training for the next big wave season is no mean feat!

“There is magic in traveling the globe, looking for the next big wave,” said Cotton. “I like to keep the adventure fun while progressing my performance in some of the world’s toughest surfing locations. XTRATUF is a brand I have always admired for its connection to the water and partnerships with like-minded athletes, places and brands who thrive in some of the toughest conditions.”

As we unload the truck, we chatted to Cotty about what it is like to be a part of the documentary, now in its second series.

Andrew Getting his gear out of the truck

“I am incredibly fortunate to have been involved in the making of the HBO documentary 100 Foot Wave. It has been an amazing journey, and I feel truly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and the experiences I’ve gained”.

Andrew Wearing Xtratuf ankle Deck boot stepping near surfboard Andrew Looking over landscape in his dryRobe

We head down onto Croyde beach as the sun rises, with only the occasional dog walker sharing the beach with us – Cotty tells us what this beach / area means to him.

“Growing up in North Devon, the rugged beauty of the coast shaped my perspective on life. Lifeguarding at Croyde Bay, where the waves demanded constant vigilance, taught me discipline and respect for the power of nature. Surfing became my passion, a way to embrace the raw energy of the ocean and find my own sense of adventure.”

Action shot of Andrew walking with Surfboard Andrew Cotty holding his surfboard in Xtratuf Gear

As the tide comes in, it’s time to head back and Cotty spoke of his relationship with fellow cast members

“Working alongside Garrett and Nicole McNamara has been an absolute privilege, and I’m grateful for the friendship we’ve developed over the years. Without their support and passion, this documentary would not have been possible. I hope that our story inspires others to pursue their passions and embrace the challenges that come with it. I am truly blessed to have been part of this incredible project”